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Sabtu, 05 Mei 2012

DOWNLOAD Dropbox 1.4.2: Up to 2GB to store and share files online

Screen shot Dropbox 1.4.2
Dropbox 1.4.2 Final is a free online disk. It is a space on the Internet, where we can store your files. Thanks to having the data contained in the network, we can access them anywhere from any computer. Dropbox 1.4.2 offers free 2GB disk. There is a large capacity, but for small files in the same time. This capacity can be enlarged up to 8GB for free by recommending Dropbox 1.4.2 Final others. For every person who writes out of our command, our disk capacity is increased by 250MB. You can also buy a larger space for consideration.
The big convenience is that to use the disk, we need not go to the website and browse through it, upload and download files, as is the usual network drives. Namely, Dropbox 1.4.2 Final provides a program (you can just download it here) that you install on your computer creates the desired location folder and this is our virtual disk.
To upload something on the drive, simply go to the newly created folder on your computer and put the file there. You can also use the drive through your browser (useful when you are on a foreign computer), but on your own equipment you should purchase a much more convenient to use program.
Dropbox 1.4.2 Final is the ideal tool if you work with documents on several computers at once.
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and accessible directly from the File Explorer web browser, Dropbox 1.4.2 Final offers 2GB of free space up on the Internet for uploading all kinds of files, whether songs, photos, videos or documents the text.
With Dropbox 1.4.2 Final you will be very easy to share files across multiple computers, and when you add a new one, it will automatically synchronize with your Dropbox account.
Dropbox 1.4.2 Final lets you share content with your friends, thanks to the public folder, subfolders in addition to selecting what to sync and which not.
Size: 14.3 MB
Publisher: Visit Website
Release Date: 2012-5-3
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista
Download Dropbox 1.4.2 Final
Dropbox 1.4.2 Final
Dropbox 1.4.2 Final for Linux (15.79 MB)

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