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Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

DOWNLOAD ESET Smart Security Final

ESET Smart Security Final ESET Smart Security FinalESET Smart Security Final versi terbaru dari Eset. ESET Smart Security Final adalah security suite dengan proteksi komprehensif yang menggabungkan sistem proteksi antivirus dan antispyware dengan personal firewall dan antispam, serta berbagai fitur keamanan yang sudah ditingkatkan, temasuk fitur baru Parental Control. Sistem proteksi proaktif pada ESET melindungi komputer sebelum serangan masuk dan dikenal oleh umum. ESET adalah solusi keamanan yang layak menjadi andalan untuk melindungi  komputer  ketika anda beraktivitas dengan menggunakan internet : browsing, email, maupun melakukan transaksi keuangan secara online. ESET Smart Security Final melindungi komputer dengan deteksi proaktif secara real time dan tajam mengenali malware baru yang belum pernah teridentifikasi sebelumnya.
Changelog on ESET Smart Security Final :

Enhancement: Added info about need of switching SSL filtering ON in a case of filtering HTTPs sites by Parental within Parental Control setup screen
Enhancement: Several smaller enhancements within Parental Control Setup and management
Enhancement: Admin of Parental control could choose role of Windows Account by entering personâЂ˜s age configuring Parental Control
Enhancement: Information about not filtering Parental Control added in the Home Screen
Enhancement: Added Statistics of Scanned Files in the main Home Screen
Enhancement: Added more information about running processes reputation from ESET Live Grid
Support: Able to activate product using proxy server
Support: Ability to use the renewal keys in product
Added: Web page Exceptions could have priorities
Added: Settings for Removable Media blocking and Antirootkit (Antistealth) present in main User Interface under Setup
Fix: Network profile dialog window popping up repeatedly
Fix: Shadow of the “quick menu” is being re-painted during opening
Fix: Issues with detection of emails in Windows Live Mail 2011
Fix: GUI opened in a large window
Fix: Advanced scanning options are not working in Computer Scan
Fix: irrelevant notification bubble is being shown when no action is required
Fix: issues with stopping of ESET service during installation
Fix: Runtime error with HP Protect Tools, ESET GUI crash
Fix: Removable media blocking functionality does not block devices for particular Windows Accounts
Fix: Some pages with certain category are evaluated as not categorized by ESET Smart Security Parental Control functionality
Fix: Files are still scanned by real-time protection after switching it off
Fix: Issues with importing Antispam global lists from ESET Smart Security v4 to ESET Smart Security v5
Fix: ESET GUI crashes under some circumstances while editing ESET Firewall profiles
Fix: Schedule update task cannot be started from main menu in SysRescue User Interface
Fix: Several Crashing of ESET User Interface under some circumstances
Fix: Wrong tooltips within Antispam dialog Windows
Fix: Activated product reports it’s not activated
Fix: Parental control still enabled in ESET User Interface despite of Protocol filtering is disabled
Fix: IMAPS,POP3S checking of protocols and ports for selected applications does not work correctly
Fix: Notification window about disabling some type of protection is not displayed if some other protection is already disabled
Fix: inconsistence in status for updated virus signature database within User Interface
Fix: Any windows user can force execution of planed task
Fix: issues with managment of web page filtering exceptions for Parental Control
Fix: SSL filtering in Chrome does not work under some circumstances
Install : Uninstall terlebih dahulu jika anda menggunakan ESET NOD32 Antivirus versi lama.
Home page :
Size: 54 Mb (x86) 60 Mb (x64)
Download :
Password :

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